An audit that involves calculating fixed assets together with their monetary value evaluation is a Fixed Asset Audit. It deals with building, maintaining and updating records of purchase such as date of purchase, receipts, depreciating value and other relevant details in the Fixed Asset Register (FAR).

Our professional Channel Partners can help you track your assets and automate the process of fixed asset audit. Channel Partners are highly competent in working with automated asset management solutions and can help you in making your fixed asset auditing process simple and hassle-free. 

Our Channel Partner’s expertise in the below areas:

  • Asset Auditing -Physical tracking & Verification of individual fixed assets, company wise, Branch wise, location wise, Department wise & Custodian wise. Verification does not include Land & Building
  • Asset Data Auditing of the existing book compiling the data and matching the latest Audited Fixed Assets schedule.
  • Asset Barcode labels generation and affixing such labels on the individual assets.
  • Providing Variance between the existing book accounts & tracked assets data
  • Fixed Assets Audit report for CARO compliance.

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