Handling the payroll part is often a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Managing time, attendance, and payroll taxes can get cumbersome for even the most experienced businesses. 

Payroll services help clients to ensure employee-related responsibilities are met from time to time. Payroll services are used to streamline the payroll process and eliminate the need for an in-house payroll department. We have payroll specialists who offer legal compliance and accountability.

Obey India channel partners offer its clients a well-organized Payroll mechanism by ensuring that all the Payroll liabilities are correctly calculated according to the regulations. 

  • Our experienced Channel Partners can communicate your payroll liabilities and ensure that they are correctly calculated and correctly paid. 
  • Our Channel partners are Payroll experts with the required experience to calculate and communicate Statutory obligations like PF, PT, ESI, TDS along with paysheets. 
  • Our Channel partners are also responsible for filing returns of PF, PT, ESI.
  • Our channel partners will also handle creation of UDIN numbers for new employees, PF transfer, PF withdrawals. 

Obey India team will ensure that the payroll compliances are carried out  on regular intervals with its respective expertise team.

Get your payroll services from experienced professionals. Connect with Obey India!